Factory / Production Plant / Machinery

fac1Factory/Production plant/Machinery

In order to meet rising demand of consumers and to ensure customer’s confidence in quality and standard of our production,  TANAPORN GROUP impose a high standard manufacturing system with appropriated machine and modern technology to every stage of the production. More than 90 employees are trained to be aware of the quality of the production in every steps.

To secure access to diverse sources of raw material, we strictly select top breed of rice paddy, which must come from great source of planting along with effective transportation of harvested paddy. Rice paddy is examined and sorted carefully to remove impurities, and to ensure cleanliness and quality of every paddy before it is categorized and kept in Silo.

fac2 The state-of-art and international standard machineries are used in every procedure of rice producing by double controlling for their efficiency and quality by our professional mechanics and experienced technician in term of maintenance work. Our production system is highly automated to remove impurities, low quality grains, diluted substance until the rice is conformed to the export standard.

  • Our production capacity is 2,000 MT per day.
  • Our warehouse capacity is around 100,000 MT of paddy and 20,000 MT of milled rice .